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The South County Dispatch welcomes Letters to the Editor that comment on and further the public debate on topics interest to our community to be published in our weekly Viewpoints section in print and online.

Letters and opinions on topics of interest to fellow residents in southern Champaign County are given first preference and should be in good taste. Passion is good. So is humor. We have no problem if you criticize the ideas and arguments of others, but we won’t allow name-calling.

We will not publish form letters, third-party letters, open letters or poetry. Nor will the South County Dispatch publish unsigned letters or those signed with pseudonyms.

That said, we appreciate letters are timely, constructive or provocative, straightforward and focused on a single issue. Your letter can share a political opinion, praise fellow members of our community, criticize something the South County Dispatch published or thank a helpful stranger.

Letters that disagree or agree with our editorial stances are equally valuable for publication. If you are responding to a specific article, letter or editorial, please include the date of its publication.

Our standard limit for a letter is no more than 200 words, however shorter is better. On occasion, we make exceptions. However, the chances of a long letter being published are low. Letters are subject to editing for fact, grammar, length, clarity and taste.

The South County Dispatch will strive publish letters supporting or opposing a particular issue in a ratio reflecting the response to the number of letters supporting each side that we receive. This means should our office receive twice the number of letters supporting a view from one perspective, then we will publish twice the number of letters from that perspective.

Send your letter with no attachments Please put "Letter to the Editor" in the subject line of your email.

Your letter must include your address and a daytime phone number. Only your name and city of residence — not your address — will be published. If your letter is considered for publication, the South County Dispatch will contact you to verify your authorship prior to publication.

Letters submitted to the South County Dispatch may be published, republished and distributed in print, electronic or other mediums.

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