South County Dispatch garage and yard sale ads

Cleaning out your garage? Have valuable items you think others might be able to use? The South County Dispatch now offers free weekly garage and yard sale listings for our friends and neighbors in southern part of Champaign County.

Published every Thursday morning starting May 23 in the South County Dispatch online edition, our garage/yard sale listing will also be available on our Facebook page and Twitter feed to ensure the maximum amount of exposure to bring more prospective buyers to your sale.

Free listings are limited to 25 words and only available to residents of Tolono, Sidney, Homer, Broadlands, Sadorus, Pesotum, Philo, Savoy, Ivesdale and homes within a five mile radius of these communities. Deadline for FREE Garage/Yard Sale ads is every Monday at 6p for the upcoming week from March 1 through October 30. Address, sale dates and times are not included in the word count.

Extended listings with 26 or more words, links to other pages or photos are available. Click here for details.

Simply copy and paste the form below into an email and send it to

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* Your name will not be published in the ad

Date(s) of sale:
Time: (Please list times for each day if they are different)

Sale Items:

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The South County Dispatch is not responsible for errors or omissions in the placement of your ad.

Questions? Email us at

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